Jack Of All Trades? The Versatile 2016 VW Golf May Be Just What You Need! – Palm Springs, CA

In California, we’re kind of the land of the ‘cottage industry’. As prices go up, many of us need to find creative ways to make the rent or other assorted unexpected bills. Are you good at baking? Awesome! Making wedding cakes on your weekends off will probably cover a couple of car payments! Are you handy around the house? Why, yes! The neighbor two doors down will gladly pay you to fix that leaky faucet! One of the facts of life here in the Golden State is that, well, nothing’s free, so you need to stay versatile.

Speaking of versatile, once you embrace your dual roles, you need a car that’s going to embrace them with you. While I was talking to my buddies at Coachella Valley VW about this very real lifestyle change, they brought out some brochures that showed a Volkswagen that has to be as versatile as you are; the 2016 VW Golf!

The good people at Volkswagen like to call it an ‘urban enjoyment vehicle’ and why not? Work, play, we don’t see the difference! Let’s take a look at how awesome the 2016 VW Golf is, and how awesome it can fit into your life;

You Like Work, But You Like Family More

One of the things that Volkswagen likes to claim is “Perfectionism runs in the family.
From premium features and fit and finish to exacting precision and performance, every car in the Golf family offers a driving experience that’ll stick with you. Just like family.” Your family will love everything about the Golf, no matter where you go – so go ahead, road trip or long distance drive, you’ll all have a great time!

You Like Your Family, But You Need To Work

This doesn’t mean that you like working more than you like your family, but you like getting work done so when you sit down with them, it’s knowing that your day is done, and it’s time to relax! If you happen to have a job where you work at home, so you ARE around your family all day, you may want to take advantage of that 1.8L turbocharged engine and 170 Horsepower…vroom!

You Just Like Driving

Did I mention that both the 2 and 4 four door options come with an available q.8 l turbocharged engine? With up to 37 MPG highway, what’s not to love about driving this peppy, good looking compact car

So there you have it – you’re a perfectionist, a workaholic, and/or a family type…no problem, the 2016 VW Golf has you covered! With the fantastic year-end incentives and ability to value your trade-in right online, there’s no reason not to upgrade your workflow right now. So come in to Coachella Valley VW, meet the team, and see how good the professional Volkswagen finance team can make the future of your independent workplace!