4 Reasons You’ll Love the 2016 VW Multifunction Steering Wheel – Palm Springs, CA

When I was younger, a long while back, I recall the most interesting thing about the steering wheel in my dad’s minivan was being able to set the cruise control. When I was a teenager, I had either cheap hand-me-down vehicles or really old project cars, and the steering wheel had one job… to make the car turn.

Fast forward to today, and we’re way ahead of the game when it comes to automobiles! I currently drive an older Passat Wagon, and I stopped in at the Coachella Valley Volkswagen dealership a few weeks ago to get my oil change and tune up taken care of (btw, their Palm Springs area Volkswagen service department is top notch! Seriously!) and poked around at some of the new VW models on the lot.

I am absolutely amazed at the 2016 VW Multifunction Steering Wheel that has been added to most of the lineup! Forget owning a hoverboard, this fun addition to your commute will make you feel like you’re manning the whole rocketship! As you drive, it lets you have full control of the radio, the radio music other included technology including your phone – all without taking your hands off the wheel. Mind = Blown.

While it lets you control pretty much everything, here’s the four main reasons you’ll love it:

You Can’t Hold a Phone to Your Ear

I’m self-employed, so talking on the phone isn’t something I can opt out of. And, it doesn’t matter if I’m on my way to go pick up the kids, there are some clients I NEED to speak with as soon as they call. While I can put my iPhone on speaker, that involves me picking it up and tapping at the screen and hoping I don’t rear end anyone. With this steering wheel, after your phone is paired up you tap one button and there you go. That’s Volkswagen Bluetooth, hands-free, speakerphone magic.

You Need to Ask Directions

Some of the 2016 Volkswagen standard features include a voice-control radio navigation system. How easy is it to use? When you’re driving and don’t want to stop, push a button on your steering wheel to activate it and… talk away. Seriously. That’s it.

You Want to Turn the Radio Up

My children are toddlers still, well, kindergarten age. This means they fight a lot. In the backseat. Which means yelling and “I told you so” and “I’m telling mom!” At these moments, I don’t want to let go of the steering wheel, but I do want to turn the music UP while driving my Volkswagen in Palm Desert. Thank you, Multifunction Steering Wheel.

You Want to Turn the Radio Down

Then there are the times that the kids are screaming in the backseat, the music is up, and… I can’t tell if that was a siren? Was that a siren or my kids’ iPad? Do I need to get out of the way of a fire truck? Push of a button, music is off, kids calm it down, and I can move safely to the side without taking my hands off the wheel. Magic!


If you haven’t tried this piece of amazing technology out yet, I suggest heading down to Coachella Valley VW today and checking out the new 2016 VWs! With a slew of Volkswagen specials, winter VW pricing incentives, and all around good Volkswagen deals in SoCal, you can be behind the wheel of the latest and greatest… with a multifunction steering wheel to boot! Let the professional VW finance team make sure you’re well within your budget, because everyone in Palm Springs deserves a Rocketship! (Or, seriously, just a really great Volkswagen!)