5 Reasons to Buy Accessories From Volkswagen Instead of Aftermarket! – Palm Springs, CA

One of the things I’ve always done when I’ve brought a new or used Volkswagen home is started shopping for VW accessories and parts that will make it uniquely mine. I was speaking with the team at the premier Volkswagen dealership in Palm Springs, and it turns out I’m not the only one looking for genuine Volkswagen parts in Southern California.

We all like to personalize and accessorize our VW vehicles to fit our lifestyle, whether it’s to chauffeur around our kids, hit the slopes or just spend a night on the town. I’ve wasted a fair amount of cash on less-than-stellar, ill-fitting floor mats, sport racks and seat covers; nothing beats getting the right accessory the first time!

There are hundreds of reasons to buy accessories from Volkswagen directly as opposed to purchasing cheaper aftermarket versions, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top five:

You Know It Will Fit

Not only will it fit your Volkswagen’s particular year and model, it’s usually branded with the car name!

They Are Guaranteed

When you buy accessories from a Volkswagen dealer, it’s guaranteed to fit your VW vehicle. Returns are never a problem!

They Can Help Retain The Value of Your VW

When you use genuine VW parts that fit just perfect in, say, your new 2016 VW Tiguan, like a floor mat, it’s going to help protect the interior from wear and tear. This is a big factor when considering the resale value of any vehicle.

It Will Fit Your Lifestyle

Volkswagen accessories are made with your lifestyle in mind. If you like to ski, snowboard or hike, they have racks to stow your gear. Carry a lot of things? There are cargo nets designed for any trunk out there. Heck, even if you just want to show your VW pride they have hoodies for that.

They Will Help Show Your Personal Style

Let’s face it, sometimes we accessorize a Volkswagen just to look good! Volkswagen’s designers know how we feel, and their full line shows this!


Whether you have a new or pre-owned Volkswagen, the professionals at Coachella Valley VW can help you choose the best accessories! While you’re there, take a moment to find out more about their genuine Volkswagen parts specials and year-end VW lease incentives…you may find your next new Volkswagen near Palm Springs!