Is It Hot In Here, Or Is That Just Me? How to Stay Cool If Your Car Breaks Down in the Desert – Palm Springs, CA

Have you ever been on a day trip out to the desert here in Palm Springs?  It’s totally beautiful!  It’s hot, no doubt, but the views are just breathtaking.  If you’re planning on heading out, the folks at Coachella Valley Volkswagen want to remind you that breaking down in the desert can be stressful (and hot!) so they have some tips to keep you safe in case you find yourself stuck. It’s especially important if you have an older Volkswagen, but it’s vital information for any driver regardless. The desert heat can wreak havoc on your cooling system, so it’s best to be prepared if your car breaks down in the desert. Here’s their best tips on how to make your trip a good one:

Plan Ahead

Before leaving, let your family and friends know you’re planning a trip through the desert, and approximate time you’ll be returning.  This is important because if your car does break down and you get stranded, they’ll know where you are and can hopefully come to pick you up!

Prepare for Your Trip By Stocking Up

Get your car ready for the trip by making sure you have an emergency kit with all the standard stuff you’ll need if your car breaks down (road flares, jumper cables, etc.) In addition to the car emergency pack, pack one for yourself as well. Make sure you’re stocked up with water and snacks, bring a towel and a blanket, as well as a medical kit.

Make Sure You Know the Area

Especially if you’re hiking or sightseeing. Bring maps, a compass, and make sure your phone has GPS enabled.  It’s easy to become disoriented in the desert.

Make Sure You Know the Basics

If you’re not very conversant in car mechanics, have someone show you how to check the basics; tire pressure, oil level, and coolant level.  Also, practicing changing a tire before heading out, so if you get stuck on the side of a road with a flat, you’ll have no problem taking care of it yourself. This can save you a ton of time, money, and headaches.

If you’re planning a trip to the desert here in beautiful Palm Springs, the good folks at Coachella Valley Volkswagen want you to have a fun, and safe, adventure!  Breaking down is never fun, but breaking down in the desert can be downright miserable.  I hope these tips help make your trip a breeze – and remember to take plenty of pictures!