What Would Betty White Drive? Maybe a 2015 Volkswagen Passat! – Palm Springs, CA

Elder Driver PassatUsually, when you see a car commercial, it’s all about the young folks! Perhaps they’re trying to appeal to young folks starting a new family who are in the market for a bigger vehicle, or the young professional looking for something sleek and powerful.  But what about grandma?!

Look, we here at Coachella Valley VW know that grandma and grandpa were probably the ones who chauffeured you around when you were young, and if you have kids now – guess what?! Your mom and dad are now grandma and grandpa – and you’re next!  This is a good thing, so no worries.  Wherever you are in the Coachella Valley: Indian Wells, La Quinta, Desert Hot Springs, or even Indio, we’ve got just the VW Passat for you! We’re going to tell you why we totally agree that the VW Passat is perfect for elderly drivers (we’d let our grandma drive one!).

Here are some of  the things that make the Passat a great drive for older drivers:

Low Door Threshold
The VW Passat has a lower threshold on its doors than most vehicles, which makes getting in and out of the car a breeze! If you’ve ever had to use a cane, or crutches, you’ll totally understand why this is way important!

Larger Dashboard Controls
Sometimes arthritis kicks in, or heck, your fingers are stiff on a cold morning! The easy to see, and use, larger sized dashboard controls are just what the Doctor ordered for a day like this.

Rear Backup Camera
Who likes to parallel park at any time, really? The Rear Backup Camera will make parking a breeze, even when your eyes are a bit tired. Especially helpful for the older drivers, it will help catch sudden occurrences such as a wayward cat or puppy, or basketball, or even a bicycle.

Large Rear Window
Once again, being able to see what’s happening around you is absolutely essential for safe driving. Blind spots are the worst, but the VW Passat is doing the best to cut one of the worst ones out (the rear window pillar).

Here at Coachella Valley VW we love our grandparents, and we bet you love yours, too! Stop by today and see how safe and comfortable a new Passat can be for your loved ones today!