INFOGRAPHIC: Do You Have an Emotional Attachment to Your Car? – Palm Springs, CA

I’ve had some tough breakups over the years. You know the deal: Tears were shed, pictures were shredded and my heart was ripped into tiny, little pieces. We’ve all been there.

But one of my toughest, while it might seem odd, was the moment I parted ways with my very first car: A black four-door 2004 Pontiac G6. While trading it in for my next car, a drool-worthy white coupe G6 with a dealer-installed wing (yeah, I was that person), was entirely exciting, I truly felt like I was abandoning a sad puppy as I watched it fade away in the rear-view mirror of my new whip.

Who would have amazing adventures in the 50 Cent-inspired “G-Unit” after I was behind the wheel? Would they rock out so hard to mid-2000s rap music that they’d literally blow the speakers just like I did? Would they, too, have it spray painted by a band of neighborhood misfits? Would they build incredible memories with their best friend not only acting as a co-pilot, but as a homemade mixed CD DJ as well? All these things plagued me as I said farewell. I didn’t quite understand why I’d grown so attached to this now-extinct compact car. Did other people feel the same way as they broke up with their rides?

The answer is yes, my friends. About 72% of people, in fact. Here’s proof that, yes, you really can have an emotional attachment to your car:


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Don’t cry, man. Just move on when it’s time to upgrade to a new four-wheeled friend (perhaps a 2015 Volkswagen CC at Coachella Valley Volkswagen?) and give your old one a kiss goodbye with the hopes that someone will cherish [insert your beloved car’s special name] as much as you did.

(This post is dedicated to the memory of the “G-Unit.” “G-Unit,” I hope you’re somewhere out there living a happy life with a happy family.)