Take a 2015 VW Tiguan to the La Quinta Arts Festival and You’ll Have Plenty Of Room For Your New Painting! – Palm Springs, CA

I went to grad school to get an art degree. Seriously, I was a painter, and that meant that I had to haul a bunch of stuff everywhere. Easels, canvas, frames, ladders, boxes of paint and paper and anything else I would need to set up a show. At the time, I owned a two-door hatchback, so I had to borrow a friend’s big, old, gas chugging SUV. I spent more money on gas than I did on tuition because of that beast. However, if you’re currently in the position I was back then, I have some good news! The nice people at Coachella Valley Volkswagen let me know they have a bunch of the 2015 Volkswagen Tiguans in stock right now; that sweet little compact SUV gets 26 MPG (highway) with a 200 horsepower engine! Not only that, but it keeps saving you money with a no-charge scheduled maintenance program, so you’ll be able to pay your tuition instead of the mechanic.

Never fear, even if you’re NOT a painter, it doesn’t mean you don’t know what good art looks like. You may want to consider taking the new 2015 VW Tiguan to the La Quinta Arts Festival here in Palm Springs to find a piece that will really pull your living room together! Here’s a bit more about it:

“The 33rd Annual La Quinta Arts Festival returns to the visually stunning setting of La Quinta’s Civic Center Campus in the greater Palm Springs area – Southern California’s preferred desert resort location. Produced by La Quinta Arts Foundation, in partnership with its Premier Sponsor the City of La Quinta, La Quinta Arts Festival raises funds for the Foundation’s non-profit mission of Promoting & Cultivating the Arts.”

The Civic Center is a beautiful place, and the art they feature every year is truly beyond stunning! It’s almost as classic as the refined lines you’ll notice on the Tiguan. With a design that’s both sporty as well as unmistakably Volkswagen, you’ll know that you truly own a work of fine art!

Whether you’re an artist or an art collector, the 2015 VW Tiguan is sure to please your discerning eye. Step into Coachella Valley Volkswagen for a look – it’s sure to meet your approval!