Taking Off In Your New 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S? Pack These 5 Necessary Road Trip Accessories – Palm Springs, CA

Though fall is here, the winter storms haven’t set in yet. This means that there’s still plenty of time to take that last minute road trip! The best vehicle to road trip in? The new 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S.

Its 200 horsepower turbocharged engine makes it fun to drive, while its premium craftsmanship on the interior makes it a smooth, comfortable ride. Besides the premium amenities like dual-zone automatic climate control and keyless access with push-button start, the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S features a touchscreen App-Connect that gives you instant access to maps, messaging, music and more! This is definitely a recipe for epic road trip success.

I was speaking with the road trip experts at the premier Volkswagen dealership in Palm Springs, and they filled me in on not only the best places to go in Palm Springs, but also the five must-have, necessary road trip accessories for a successful journey:

Travel Pillow

If you’re planning on a cross-country, multi-day road trip, pillows are key. While your 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S seats are comfortable enough on their own, a travel pillow will help when you need to pull over for a quick nap, or when someone else does the driving for a bit. Also, since driving while drowsy is just as dangerous as drunk driving in terms of reaction time and how well you focus, it’s just a good idea to be ready for that nap!

Body Wipes/Baby Wipes

You’ll probably be staying at hotels along the way, but sometimes things happen. If you get stuck somewhere, or can’t find a hotel, you may need to spend more time in your car than you planned. Nothing will make you feel more refreshed than giving yourself a quick clean-up with some body wipes (these are easily available for adults in the first-aid aisle of most drug stores – if you’ve ever had surgery or had to skip showers because of a cast, you’ll know exactly where these are!) or baby wipes, which will cut down on the worst of the sweat or road grease. You may scoff now, but one night skipping a shower will change your mind!


When you’re on a road trip from Palm Springs, you may enjoy a stop or two at a burger place or taco shop. But there will be times when you just want a quick snack without the pulling over part. Make sure you have a cooler packed with trail mix, granola bars, and bottled water to keep the hunger at bay and reduce the unnecessary grumpiness while driving your 2016 VW Tiguan S in California.

Travel Games

If you’re traveling with multiple people and/or children, find a few card games or coloring books to keep bored hands and minds busy. You can only listen to so much talk radio before something’s gotta give, but “I Spy” never gets old. (Or “Slug Bug,” for you SoCal Volkswagen Beetle fans!)

Backpack Or Travel Tote

Depending on your destination, you may be picking up a few books, tchotchkes or souvenirs. It’s easy to keep track of these treasures by having a bag you bring along that’s completely dedicated to corralling all this new stuff, even though the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S cargo room can easily handle it. This will keep it from getting lost or forgotten about on your way back home.


Palm Springs seems beautiful year-round, and there’s plenty of great places to go in Coachella Valley if you want to keep it local. If you’ve only seen the 2016 VW Tiguan S photos, stop into Coachella Valley Volkswagen today and check it out! Aside from always having great VW lease incentives and ongoing Volkswagen financing specials, they’ve got the best California road trip ideas around (and plenty of Tiguans for sale, too)!