5 One-Tank Trips from Palm Springs: The New Jetta Diesel Will Take You Farther Than You Know! – Palm Springs, CA

I was looking at new Volkswagens, and I noticed the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel. It’s been redesigned a bit, though, and it’s so refined and subtle that, at first, you may not be aware of it. I noticed the revamped interior first, and it got me thinking about road trips. The Jetta Diesel gets an impressive 31 city/45 highway MPG, so it works out to be roughly 600 miles on a full tank (give or take). Being in the Coachella Valley and, above all, beautiful California, there are a gajillion places I can take this Jetta Diesel and still get back in time for dinner! Let’s take a look at some of the prime spots for one-tank trips from Palm Springs and surrounding areas:

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Okay, I admit it. This one won’t even break a gallon for the Jetta Diesel. It’s only 16.2 miles out of Palm Springs, but I had to add it because it’s just that awesome. Seriously, it will take up an entire day without a problem. With exhibits on desert geology and Native American culture, it’s uber-educational. With camel rides and an endangered species carousel, it’s unbelievably fun, too!

Joshua Tree National Park

I’m still getting off the mark here. Joshua Tree National Park is only 33 miles from Palm Springs but, again, it’s a day’s work of hiking, picnicking and learning about the unique desert ecology. It’s worth the two gallons.

Universal Studios Hollywood

At 115 miles away from Palm Springs, now you’re driving! Universal Studios Hollywood is a working movie studio as well as a theme park. The rides are top-notch, the WaterWorld show is amazing and, who knows, you might see a celebrity or two!


If you venture 236 miles from Palm Springs, you’ll find this gem of a town. It has been named by Sunset magazine as one of the “10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in the Western United States,” and for good reason! Founded by Danish immigrants in 1911, the entire town looks like a Danish town and it, of course, comes complete with a signature windmill. With 15 inns and hotels, a full-service guest ranch, more than 30 restaurants and bakeries, and a whopping 150 retail shops, you won’t be without something to do when you make this drive!

San Luis Obispo

If you’re still looking for something even farther, you can continue up the coast to the adorable college town of San Luis Obispo. At 297 miles from Palm Springs, I can’t guarantee that you won’t have to stop for gas on your way home since you’ll probably spend time driving around town enjoying the sights!


If you haven’t seen the Jetta Diesel, stop by Coachella Valley Volkswagen and see what kind of trips you can imagine yourself taking in one! I only gave you five, there’s a gajillion more to go!