Take It To Go: 3 Tailgate Food Ideas for Fourth of July – Palm Springs, CA

Grills will be fired up all across the country for Fourth of July, but that doesn’t mean you have to be with the rest of the crowd.

Why not tailgate? No, I don’t mean randomly tailgate with Fourth of July treats in the back of your new 2015 Volkswagen Beetle in Palm Springs or right outside your friend’s house. Although, that would be pretty interesting and somewhat cool upon further review.

I know what you’re thinking: “Football season isn’t even close to starting, why are you making my mouth drool with tailgate-worthy food?” Because tailgate-worthy food can be eaten at any time, you just have to know when it’s the right time to eat it. Which is, hello, every time possible.

Instead of firing up the grill for some steaks or hamburgers, think of these three tailgate food ideas for Fourth of July. Be different and try something new.


Almost everyone, either themselves or an ancestor, has some sort of chili recipe in the bowels of yesteryear. Time to dish it out and make a nice bowl of chili that your company would enjoy. I personally like mine with a lot of cheese and … well, that’s it. I’m really simple when it comes to food, even if I grill like a maniac. Chili is good and is the perfect food choice for you.

Chicken Wraps

Buy these at the store if it’s easy for you, but chicken wraps are one of the most underrated creations in the history of food. It’s part sandwich and part chicken taco. I mean, what in the world? Whoever thought of that wasn’t the creator of the sandwich, and for that, I thank you, sir or madam, for making an amazing gift to us all. Put whatever the heck you want in it, because it’s that awesome.

Giant Meatballs

No need for the spaghetti or any type of pasta. Just make giant meatballs and go to town. Be daring and go for the giant meatball sub because your mouth is just watering at the delicious goodness that would come from that thing, especially after you add the provolone or mozzarella cheese.


These aren’t your traditional tailgate foods. But they’re something different to try if you haven’t thought of anything like this before. I’m sure Coachella Valley Volkswagen, your friendly Volkswagen dealership near Palm Desert, would want you to try something different, especially something different like checking out all the Fourth of July Volkswagen specials on tap for the holiday weekend. This would be a good time to do something different, with your food as well as your car.