Ready to Buy Something Nice For Your VW? Here are the Top OEM Parts and Accessories – Palm Springs, CA

I could definitely go on and on about how fantastic a new 2016 VW Golf is, or how the new 2016 VW Beetle gets up to 25 city / 34 highway MPG – but I think you already know that. Kind of the same way that you know that Coachella Valley VW has the best new VW specials and dealership incentives around!

But the thing is, you already own the Volkswagen of your dreams…you just want to how it how much you love it by getting it some new parts or fun accessories (or heck, both!) Did you know that you can order parts at Coachella Valley VW, as well?

I can give some ideas on what accessories you’ll probably like in your 2016 Volkswagen Passat, and Coachella Valley VW can order the parts you need to maintain or upgrade your ride. Let’s take a look;

Brakes and Maintenance

When you’re going to get the brakes on your Volkswagen changed out, upgraded, or just think it’s time for a replacement, make sure you come talk to the service techs at Coachella Valley VW first. They can check out what you currently have, and make suggestions as to the best OEM replacements, or even suggest something higher-end and aftermarket if you’d like.

Upgrade Your Coffee Game

If you love your new 2016 Volkswagen, but still carry a torch for the vintage beauties of yesteryear, you can show everyone at work just where your heart really is with the Kaffeetassen Coffee Mug. With a rendering of the original VW Bus gracing this beauty, it’s almost like wearing your heart on your sleeve…except for the fact that it’s a coffee mug!

Engine Belts

Make sure to make a note of the part numbers for the engine belts in your 2016 Volkswagen Jetta – you definitely want to get those guys replaced with belts that are OEM and Volkswagen specific.

Let the team at Coachella Valley VW help you find the top OEM parts and accessories for your beloved Volkswagen today!  If you’re in the market to add a new 2016 Volkswagen to your garage, go ahead and schedule a test drive online for that 2016 VW Golf.  Who knows, with easy financing options and a sales team dedicated to helping you find the perfect Volkswagen at the perfect price, you may be heading home with a whole lot more than a new timing belt!