4 Vintage Beetle Accessories to Make Your New One As Cool As the Original! – Palm Springs, CA

I’ve owned a lot of Volkswagens (I mean, a lot) and the ones I miss the most are my vintage VW Bugs. I had a 1964 and a 1972 but, like all good things, they had to come to an end. By that, I mean that for pragmatic reasons I had to sell them (kids, student loans, garage space). But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them any less!

Now that I’m (more or less) established, I can appreciate the new Volkswagen Beetles I see at my favorite Palm Springs Volkswagen dealer, Coachella Valley Volkswagen, even more! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Beetles, I think you should take a look at the entire new Volkswagen inventory online before coming to see it on the lot – it’s bonkers! You can find any style, color, or engine type – even diesel in the new 2015 models.

If you’re a die-hard Volkswagen Beetle fan, you may love the comfort, gas mileage and sporty engines you’ll find in the newer ones, but find yourself missing some of the nostalgic stuff you used to see in the older bugs. Fear not! I did some sleuthing and found these four vintage Beetle accessories that are certain to bring back the retro flair to your 2015 Beetle!

Bud Vase Air Fresheners

I had one of these in my 1964 Bug, and it was adorable! If you search for one for a new Beetle, you’ll find some great ones with faux flowers that smell great and remove the need to change the water!

Daisy Cut-Out Wheels

Pay homage to the 1960s by outfitting your new Beetle with a set of white or yellow daisy wheels, then wait for the smiles from everyone! My friend owns a new Beetle with these wheels, and we’ve gotten peace signs, and even applause, as we drove through Northern California.

Daisy-Style Tail Light Covers

If you type this phrase into your browser, you’ll find the tail covers that match your daisy wheels. The cute factor goes into automatic overload!

Wood Slat Roof Rack

The ultimate throwback accessory if you want to reference the earliest Beetles while rolling in your new one. I had a wood slat roof rack on my 1972, and the style it added was beyond cool. To be fair, it only looked great because I never carried anything on it. But carrying things wasn’t my intent – looking groovy was!


There’s a lot more accessories than just these four that will make a huge difference on you new Volkswagen Beetle, but these are the ones that I’ve always thought represented the spirit of the vintage Beetles. If you’ve been looking for a new Beetle in Indio, check out the latest Volkswagen APR specials today! With easy VW financing options and helpful salespeople, your new Beetle is closer than you think!