Own a VW? Get A No-Charge Volkswagen Multi-Point Inspection! – Palm Springs, CA

Usually, I get really excited about one model of Volkswagen and want to research everything it has, has fast it can go, how much tech they’ve put into it… you get the idea. As a Volkswagen owner, I love to see what new models have made the scene, and what VW has in store for the upcoming year.

But this past week I was reminded, by my 2004 Passat, that even more important than looking at new VWs is taking care of the one I already own! My peppy little Wagen had started to shake as I drove, and with El Nino (supposedly) on the way, I couldn’t risk something happening that would cause me to need to pull over – especially with two young ones in the back!

Luckily, my besties at the premier Volkswagen dealership in Palm Springs let me know that I could bring my Passat into Coachella Valley VW in Indio and get a no-cost Volkswagen multi-point inspection to, hopefully, get me back on the road knowing what the issue was. It totally worked: My right rear wheel was bald! It was embarrassing, being that I apparently don’t take my own advice, to find this out – BUT some good came of it. I got new tires, I replaced the back brakes, and she’s riding along like a dream!

It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new 2016 VW Passat in Palm Desert, or a pre-owned 2015 Tiguan in Coachella, their helpful service team is on hand to help you out. The inspection covers 29 important points, and I’d just like to give you a run down of the four I think are the most important, no matter what year your VW is!

Tire Wear and Tread

I try to give my tires a cursory glance before heading out anywhere, but having two kids and having to be in charge of pickups/drop-offs/shopping/sports events, I’m sometimes satisfied as long as the tires aren’t flat! Having a professional give your tires a closer look will save you headaches – and money – down the road.

Front and Rear Brakes

You may think your Volkswagen brakes are just fine because you can stop at red lights, right? This is where you really, truly need a pro to get down there and look for unexpected wear and any possibility that you need them changed. Worn brakes will chew up your wheels and eventually… fail. You definitely don’t want to risk it!

Engine Belts

Again, you may think that since your car’s running, it’s fine. But the belts that run things (accessory belts, timing belts, etc.) are a big deal. It’s important to make sure there aren’t any cracks or tearing so your VW will keep running smoothly. True story: In high school I had a VW Jetta, which I never paid attention to. I was in the drive-through line at Taco Bell, and my timing belt broke. I was all of 17 years old, and now I was going to be late back to school! Also, almost $1,000 in to get that thing fixed, and I was making minimum wage working at a frozen yogurt place. (This will date me – minimum wage in California back then was $4.25/hour). Don’t be a 17-year-old.

Engine Hoses

Think of the hoses, vacuum and coolant hoses especially, as the belts in your VW. They can get worn, cracked, and become useless. Let the pros at the Coachella Valley VW service center give yours a look.

Now that the winter is officially here, it’s time to get your Volkswagen checked out – and what better place than a professional Volkswagen dealership like Coachella Valley Volkswagen? With all the great Southern California Volkswagen incentives and national VW special offers, you may even want to walk around the lot and check out the new Volkswagen inventory in Palm Springs!