4 Ways to Make Washing Your VW Beetle a Barrel of Fun! – Palm Springs, CA

It’s no secret that I genuinely love Volkswagen vehicles. There’s plenty of great reasons – from sleek design to an exuberant sense of fun; Volkswagen always has the best car for any mood, on any day.

I spoke with the team at the best Volkswagen dealer near Palm Springs, Coachella Valley VW, and we had a bit of a brainstorming session about what VW you could have the most fun with, doing which chore. I chose washing the car, because that’s my least favorite activity. To counter this, I went with the turbocharged 2016 VW Beetle because it looks like the most fun.

So how can you have fun washing your VW Beetle, whether it’s a 2016 or a vintage version? Here are four great ways:

Pretend It’s Summer

The rounded body of the new Beetle brings to mind those campy 1960s movies where everyone would hop into the convertible and head down to the beach! Though the new 2016 VW Beetle has a few upgrades, like the 1.8-liter turbo four engine that gets 170 horsepower, the spirit of fun remains the same. It’s always beautiful in the Palm Springs area, so get on your bathing suit, fill a bucket with soapy water and put some surf tunes on the iPod – it’s car washing time! While your neighbors may think it’s strange that you’re rocking out to the Beach Boys while they’re setting up the Christmas decorations, it’s your party and your Beetle is going to be sparkling clean!

Make It a Challenge

You know that neighbor, the one that always seems to try to one-up you? For example, you came home and put a brand new Beetle 1.8-liter turbo four engine in the driveway, so he brought home a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine a week later? Well, you both can’t stand washing the car, but you both enjoy a good challenge. So, challenge him! See if he’s up to the “who-can-get-it-cleaner” dare. While it will most likely take you all day, it will be well worth it to give your ride a good detailing!

Challenge Yourself

Who has time to spend all afternoon washing their 2016 VW Beetle? Not you! Dare yourself to get that car as clean as you can… in under ten minutes. And no shortcuts! This means cleaning and rinsing the entire car, and not leaving the wheels dusty. Set your timer and have a go! Even if you pass the ten-minute mark, you’ll definitely get a good workout!

Get the Kids To Do It

This is my favorite, since my boys are just old enough to do a good job while I take care of other chores. Of course, I bribe them by offering them cash or an ice cream treat depending on how clean that Beetle gets, but learning about work is definitely a good life lesson! Plus, I just got my nails done – I don’t want to dunk them in water just yet!


It’s the time to head out to your Coachella Valley Volkswagen dealer to look at the new 2016 VW Beetle. You may want to consider seeing what year-end VW specials or Volkswagen Beetle incentives they have going on, just in case that new car shine doesn’t already have you blinded enough!